.50 cal M2 AP Plate Test Cutaway


Caliber .50 M2 armor piercing plate test box and cutaway. Bottom photo shows a different shaped core from another newer? AP that was laying around. Finally took pics, thanks for looking. Wolf



IMO, the two bullets are essentially the same. They have not been sectioned to exactly the same “thickness” making the lead and steel cores appear different. Or, just as likely, they are simply M2 bullets from two different lots.

But, JMHO.



Very nice - I think the box is as interesting as the bullets. Am I wrong (I don’t collect 50s) that military bullet boxes are quite uncommon in this caliber, regardless of bullet type? I don’t recall seeing one before, although admittedly, I don’t pay really close attention to most .50 cal stuff when I see it. I have a couple of U.S. Military component boxes for .45 Auto, but they seem to be relatively common, compared to calibers like .50.

At any rate - great photos. Very interesting even to one not “into” this caliber. Thanks for sharing.


The plate test rounds, were ordinary AP bullets, just loaded to specific velocities, to simulate varying distances from the plate for penetration certification of the plate. The black tip had silver added to the tip to designate the loaded round was non-standard pressure/velocity, not an ordinary AP round.


I think your right. Its close to half with other, but everything is ground by eye with no real measurements. Just a little bit off would make it look different. Maybe it could be that the core is not really centered?

These are actually the first two .50’s that I have ground, only been cutting small arms ammo (8mm and below). Everyone has been asking for some .50 cal and these were the first test pieces on a new grinder. I don’t collect/ follow the larger calibers either but do like armor piercing and the rockwell hardness scale on the box. Never seen one before and thought it was intresting too, never realizing that it was some what rare.

Seen the loaded rounds of plate test ammo around, and unless it came from from a box like this and loaded in front of you, its really a crap shoot to wether or not if its legit. Even on these, the painted tip looks to new making me think that these too could be not real. Either way thanks for looking and the help. wolf