.50 Cal M2A1 Dummy #masttechnologyinc

More Eye Candy, Can’t show headstamps on these sorry.



I can show the old Lake City Headstamp.

Any guesses which is new MAST vs old Lake City?

Great images Jay! Thank you for sharing!

The left one looks MAST.

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Hmmm - is that because they read “IAA Christmas 2019” and you are planning to send each member one in December?


So where are the case holes?

" Drilled Dummy Inert."

I am amiss too on this classified dummy. Why “can’t show the headstamps”? Are they all different? Is this dummy some kind of a secret?

Vlad, reasons can be manyfold.
Starting form a new hs assigned to a new facility within MAST and not being published as regular .50 may be made also and competitors do not have to know in advance or the cases came from a another subcontractor bearing a hs which will not be final to the later delivered product by MAST (shown ones may be samples delivered to the US military for testing) - this way the case supplier will not be known outside the 2 companies involved.
Plus about 100 more reasons to imagine. Choose one.


Could it be that the “A1” indicates the presence of “6 longitudinal corrugations” (cited from 7.62 mm M63) instead of the case holes of the .50 M2 dummy?

As initially advertised by DoD when announced, the entire series of currently issued dummy rounds, 9mm, 5.56, 7.62 and .50 BMG were being changed. All would be nickeled, fluted and have holes in the case. These are the A1 series of dummies, project name was DDI, Drilled Dummy Inert. There was one exception, the 9mm was to just have holes, instead of flutes, due to the small size of the case. To date, none of the A1 Dummies I have seen have had the holes, just nickled and the flutes. (I’ve not encountered the 9mm version yet.) I was curious what Jay knew

There is always the possibility that later documents (or orders) were issued to emit that hole I think.

EOD - Correct! What gave it away?

Mayhem - IAA Christmas 2019 - that would be a tough sell. You don’t want to know what these cost.

sksvlad & EOD -

What a stir. Thanks for the responses.

The parts are for a USG proposal closing next week. EOD is right - - Multiple reasons I can discuss after contract award.

We just finished the 9mm DDI contract with Rock Island. Rounds are now on our website. Along with 20mm. https://www.blackgunindustries.com/shop-2/

These 9mm are the only drilled ones.

.50 cal with holes no longer in the inventory to best of my knowledge. This picture might not be right with the hole in the .50 caliber.




Your website shows a very big spread in the price of the 9 mm dummies. It also lacks any description indicating if they are made on new cases with a unique or the same headstamp as was supplied on your military contract, or explaining the price spread.

What are you getting for 18.00+ that you are NOT for 5.00? No argument with the price, but as it stands, one cannot know what to order.

What is the headstamp on these rounds. Since at the price they will interest mostly collectors, I would think, that is pretty important information to those of us who might want them (I do want them!)

Thanks for any further information you can gave us.

John Moss

John - Sorry. I have passed website off to someone else and they don’t get it.

For $18 you get 25 pieces. That is the best deal on the net for real rounds. $7.50 for 5.

The headstamp should be Dummy top MTL 17 bottom. Might be some blank ones too = less than 5%.

In this example a quantity of 15 was selected and the price is $11.25

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Standardized M199A1, M63A1 and M2A1 dummy cartridges never had any holes, and this goes back to 2012, when the drawings were issued. Same applies to the new “A1E1” series.

Here is a nice educational publication from 2017 with information regarding the “A1” series:



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The crimp at the CM.
Did I win something? :-)

Alex - Right! No prizes, just Title of ‘Most Observant.’ We are getting some awesome pulls, min spec is 200 lbs. We are way over that.

7.62 tracers for $7.50 each? ($750 for a box of 100) Also, how does the xm172 reference fit into the tracer mix?

Also $3.50 per bullet for green tip 5.56 projectiles and they’re tracer? ($350 for box 100)