.50 Cal M2A1 Dummy #masttechnologyinc

Jay, thanks, others call me nitpicker! :-)

50m2hb- like I said I passed it off, that is getting corrected. If i could only sleep for 1 hour a day and be fully charged. A friend recently said I have his ‘dream job,’ I about fell out of my chain with laughter. It’s a lot of fun, sometimes, other - like trying to delegate website stuff - UGGGGGG!!!

Jay - thanks for the reply. Is there any way I can order these by phone. I am very computer-stupid, and don’t have much luck with ordering stuff on line. I definitely want the 25 pieces and would like to get four or five unheadstamped ones in the mix with those with the MTL 17 headstamp. Can that be arranged? I will order as soon as I know precisely how to go about it.

John Moss


If possible could you tell us if these 9mm dummies are from a test lot or represent a precontract production lot?

Thanks for your time and information you have provided the cartridge collecting community.


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Brain - probably pre-production trials.

John Moss - We are not really set up for that. It would be easier to mail a check for the order. I think we have a flat rate shipping.


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Has anyone purchased any of these dummy rounds? Regarding the advice from Jay, I could not seem to get any answer to how much the shipping was, in order to send in an order for the 9 mm dummies.

Are they still be offered for sale?

John Moss

John - I have things on gunbroker now with all that laid out.



PM sent