.50 cal pre-WW2 dummy


Got these in a lot today. Most interesting to me was the '40 factory dummy. Maybe someone can enlighten me as to the finish on the case, which at first look, appears to be brass. It is non-magnetic. Note that the base of the shell and extractor groove are “unfinished”. The middle shell (SL43) has had a bullet jammed in using the time proven paper dimension changer for to solidly stick everything together. LC42 was in the mix and I added it just 'cause.



The M2 Dummy was tinned. After 69 years there’s not much tin left on yours. Ready for the junk pile.;)




Appreciate your input. Luckily, got it in the trash just before the truck got here. No sense hangin’ on to crap like that. Big thanks.




You’d better catch that truck. I looked it up in HWS II and learned that the FA 40 headstamp was only used for one year.



I’m sending this on my I-phone. We, my wife is in the back of my truck waiving frantically and shouting, are trying to get the garbage truck driver’s attention. He can’t hear or see us, apparently. Gonna swing around in front and try to stop him that way. It’s hard driving 70MPH in these hills and typing at the same time. Get back with you in a minute.


Your friend