.50 caliber snipers


I read some place that the .50 BAT was being used as a long range target round in some guns today. Does anyone know about the US military .50 BAT sniper experimentals of the 60’s ?



John: There were a number of loadings (Inc, AP, API & APIT) during 1968-70 at Lake City AAP and FA for the test of a Cal…50 M8C Spotting Rifle mounted on a special portable mount ( tripod?) for Special Forces sniper use. Reportedly, the API loading was tested at Fort Bragg during 1969-70 but apparently was not very successful and FA was requested to terminate the project during March, 1970. Yes, the two lots loaded for the Ft. Bragg tests used cases headstamped F A 6 0 and T W 5 4 ( the FA .50 case line was not in production and available components were utilized for these loadings)


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