50 Calibre Shot Shell

Standard Arms Company of Wilmington DE manufactured 37 “Camp Guns” they were 50 Caliber Shot shell.
I have talked with an individual who inherited a gun with some empty cases that we marked 50 EX. I have been told that it is a 50-95. I have purchased every 50 shot shell I have seen, the rim seems too big to eject. I also have a letter from Piere duPont who has one, he was involved in the production of these. In his letter he states the cartridge is rather long with a celluloid top. I am trying to write a book on Standard Arms. This is the missing link. Can anyone out there lead me in the right direction. At the very least I need a picture of one.

Winchester made two lengths of .50-95 Express shot loads, one with a standard case length shell and one which is 2.225" long. (see these below) However bother of these are found / made with paper over-shot cards (AKA topwads).

As Standard did, I think, but could be wrong, load some of their own stuff, at least with the .35 Standard perhaps they purchased brass from Winchester or another company & loaded their own?

Thank You. I think SA’s bought brass from USC and had it head stamped for the 35’s. I have been told that they also did it in 30 but I have never found one.
Do you have any idea as to who I could purchase these 50’s from?



Hi Ed
Interesting, I’ve not seen the .30 either, nor have I heard of it before. Have both .35 variation in my collection, tool & actual bullet.

A few gentlemen in the Remington collectors most likely branch out into the Standard, have you checked with them?

If your a member of the IAA you could post on the buy/sell/trade forum.

Those two above are in my collection & so not available.

Thank you for the lead