50 CAPSULES LEFAUCHEUX A BALLE Diamétre 12 Millimétres

Why is the word Capsules used here? Were they empty cases?

Anyone have any idea who made it?

I think the following may be later versions.

Are these Belgian made for export? Maybe by Charles Fusnot?

Are they early French?


capsule (n.)

capsule | Origin and meaning of capsule by Online Etymology Dictionary.

“small case, natural or artificial,” 1650s, from French capsule “a membranous sac” (16c.), from Latin capsula “small box or chest,” diminutive of capsa “box, case, chest” (see case (n.2)). Medicinal sense is 1875; shortened form cap is from 1942. Sense in space capsule is first recorded 1954, perhaps from earlier sense “shell of a metallic cartridge” (1864).

Google translator:

Capsule = Petite coupe de métal garnie de poudre (armes à feu). Small metal cup filled with powder (firearms).

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Capsule was for primer primarily. Old French and beginning of ammunition terms. Cartouche was the following name and better adapted! Just old way of speaking in French. Nice boxes by the way!

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Found this empty paper container this morning,
The “Imflammation” line seems to mean inside primed case? & 'evec" means With & “ord” normal?? ordinary???
Aaron feel free to use if you wish.

Hi Aaron,
“capsule” means “cartouche” or “amorce”= cartridge or primer during the XX century.
all depends of the context.

on your box it means cartridges
on PDC box it means primer

Hi Pete
Percussion au centre avec capsule ord^re: center percussion with ordinary primer

And yes these ctges have inside primed case and have a copper case

Hi JP & thanks
I knew about the cartridges but was hoping you could confirm the “Imflammation” Sous Enveloppe” line interprets as an inside primed case, yes?

yes ! inside primed case.