.50 Hyper Velocity

Is there any info available on this project?


I have been looking at that for awhile. Very interesting and wouldnt mind one for the collection but I have tried searching everywhere and I cant find anything!

I had some very similar items that were used by a USAF lab in the late 1970s-early 1980s to try to generate a velocity of 10,000 ft/sec for a steel fragment simulator projectile. They were made in .22 (1 each), .30 (1 each) and .50 (2 each). When they only provided velocities a bit below 8000 ft/sec the project went in another direction and I inherited the four items when the Lab was throwing them away. The three went to the Woodin Labortory and I still have the 4th (I think). The ones I had differed from the one pictured by having no rim and were much wider at the top. They each had the caliber stamped on the head.

I am very sure this was not for a hypervelocity gun. The ones I had were used in a single shot barrel with a massive screw in breach. I would never have called it a “gun” but rather a test fixture. I would like the know the origin of the piece on Gun Broker. It could have been part of the same test in the Lab I got mine from, or a similar test at some other lab. I gave the three to the Woodin Laboratory. It will be interesting to see what this one sells for, if anything. Mine had a primer pocket in the head for a primer used in 20mm rounds. The head also had two threaded holes which were used to install a long bar which was used to extract the “case” from the chamber after firing. at the pressures generated, that was not an easy task.


Lew, this one has been on gunbroker for easily a year or more. I have a friend who is on good terms with the lady selling all those items. I am going to see if I can get it for a cheaper price than 200$ but dont have my fingers crossed.

I believe the lack of info and pictures are why it has been up for so long.

Who had it before and where the owner lived and where he worked may give hints. The lab was in Dayton Ohio. Feel free to send me an email if I can help!


It’s still up on gunbroker.