50 M2 Browning Machine Gun


Training Manual caliber .50 M2 Browning Machine Gun, General Motors War Products (22 MB)


@John Moss: Don’t print them all


You guys make it tough on us dinosaurs. The color cartridges for my printer cost well over a hundred bucks apiece, and it takes four of them! Some of this stuff is just too good not to print. I do not have a computer library. If I did, I could never find anything! I have a print library. Got to think about this, though. I think my wife was a little miffed when I worked her precious printer overtime printing out the 350 or so pages of the Navy Air Gunnery Manual last night!

Now, where did I put that chisel and stone tablet?



Go down to your local Wally World and buy one of the HP printers in the under $50 range. Use it to print out all the big items. The cartridges are only about $15 each and they contain their own print head which means the heads never wear out. If/when it breaks, just toss the whole thing.

Now to the real business at hand.

That manual reminds me of my schooling paid for by my Uncle Sam back in the 1950s. One of the requirements of the US Navy Gunners Mate Class A school was assembling an M2 from a big pile of parts that the instructor had heaped onto a 6’ x 6’ work bench. A good instructor would always hide a part in his back pocket and woe betide the poor sailor who didn’t realize it was missing and exactly where it went and what it did.

I’ll probably soon be at that stage where I can’t remember my own name but I’ll never forget how to assemble an M2.