.50 Morse cartridges


Iam looking for some info about civil war .50 Morse cartridges.
In first line I need the weight of the powder charge.


The powder charge for the .50 Morse used in the pre-Civil War Navy trials at Washington DC was 40 grains. The projectile weight was 456 grains.


Thanks a lot for the info. Do they used primers in the cases ?


oops—small correction. The information I gave you was for a .54 caliber Morse cartridge. I will look around for the data on the Confederate .50 Morse. There may be a small difference. I will also try to get you the information on the primer.


The primer used in the .50 Morse Confederate carbine cartridge was a standard musket percussion cap. The cap was placed inside an enlarged primer pocket and up against an anvil. A rubber “donut” was placed over/around the primer and held in place by friction.

I talked to Dean Thomas who said that the powder charge for the .50 Morse would have been about the same – 40 grains give or take. The projectile weight of the carbine round was substantially less than Navy trials cartridge. The two groove, flat nose bullet with a solid base weighed only a little over 300 grains.



thanks a lot for the help. Interesting design.