.50 patec

Here a .50 PATEC

Does anyone know more about this cartridge ?


i think it the same thing as the 7.62 DUDS but if is canadian the core would be tungsten instead of depleted uranium
your round is an armor piercing discarding sabot
we can find the same shape sabot in 7.62,12.7,20mm mk149,25x137,30x170

Super interesting. What is the story with PATEC? Are they a US company, still in business? I wonder if they specialized in discarding sabot ammunition? A few years ago I bought a box full of PATEC experimental DS rounds (25MM, 30MM, 35MM and 40MM). I have never seen this awesome .50 cal APDS round before. Really nice!


I’ve seen a similar projo in a Chinese 12.7mm case.

jonnyc do you meen these…

That sure looks like it.