.50 proj. puller and crimping tool for blanks

To my own surprise I found this datasheet of a company manufacturing (or having in the past) EOD equipment.
To be precise a so called “rocket wrench” which normally is used to remotely unscrew bomb fuzes.
Most of these I saw used electrically ignited charges of one or another type. Often standard caliber cases (12.7mm and larger) without projectiles and a bridge wire igniter where the primer would be.

The company here offered a somewaht unusual solution (besides the electrically ignited standard cases).
This is a non-electric system which is using a percussion primed 12.7x99 (.50") which has to be made from a life round by pulling the projectile and crimping the case with the propellant inside.
Ignition then is carried out by use of detcord (not explained in detail but I guess it is just taped to a solid nut which is the “breech” for the chamber the case is in and has a central hole.
Thinking of military logistics and field conditions (once stocks of the special electrically ignited charges are depleted) where life ammo might be plentifull this could be a solution. But I can see some folks panicking when they hear one has to disassemble other ammo first.
At least in my eyes quite unusual and probably the reason why it never became very famous.

So in short, this is the first “official” tool I see to remove projectiles and crimp cases “in field conditions”.
The last I remember were Russian WW1 propelling cartridges the soldiers had to make for some rifle grenades by doing that to rifle cartridges, but no special tools were issued, just normal pliers.

Here the company datasheet (copyright is obvious).

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