.50 Remington Army - Rimfire vs. centerfire?


Trying to catalog this .50 Remington Army cartridge. Outwardly it appears to be a rimfire, but ECRA catalogs it as a centerfire. I realize that during the transition a number of calibers had “inside” centerfire ignition. Is this one of those? I find no mention of this in a number of descriptions of the .50 Army. I would think they would mention such a unique fact.

Can anyone enlighten me on this? Or have I mis-identified it completely?

Bullet dia. = 04970
Mouth dia. = 0.5440
Base dia. = 0.5595
Rim dia. = 0.6630
Case length = 0.8705




Benet primed center fire. Also known in .45-70, .50-70 & a number of other calibers. Think you can find a picture by looking in the IAA home page for under terms


Jones…Go to IAA Main Page and have a look in Ammunition Glossary…look for Benet Primed…Years ago, I did all the illustrations for Dick Salzer’s book…



Hi Jones,

The internal cup has 2 flash holes and a central raised area to hold the priming composition.


It’s tough being right, but conviencing yourself that you’re wrong!

Thanks all, it’s really nice to be able to have conformation from others.

Appreciate it,