50 Scherping


acquired a Conn. Cartridge Corp. 10 round box of 10 umprimed brass cartridge cases. Caliber 50/95 WCF
The 95 WCF had a line drawn thru it and above it the work Scherping written.
The 8 case left in the box have the following diminsion.
.631 rim
.564 head
.564 cm (no shoulder)
1.88 c/l

The box contained one loaded round (powder charge) and 2 identical bullets diamiater .511
Heinrich Scherping was a german gunmaker. Does anyone know whatcaliber this is?
I cannot find any references to this case other than its very
close to a 32 gauge with a shorter case.
Bob Ruebel


Hi Bob,

I think you are correct. 32 CAL 2" Lancaster shotshell loaded with a lead bullet.
Somewhat short in case lenght probably by multiple reloading.