.50 Spotter by CBC


Here is a picture of a .50 Spotter by CBC designated “Cartucho 12,70 x 76 mm CBC Traçante/Fumígeno M48A1”. It was also exported to Argentina.

As you can see the case is dated 1993 but this cartridge was already made in Brazil before 1986. Does anybody knows about any other dates?

Box image taken from Ron Fuchs’ book (dated october 1993).

1986 catalog (inverted tip colors):

January 1986 catalog (inverted tip colors):


I found this cartridge a few days ago. It’s a primed empty case with flash tube visible inside. Primer annulus is clear lacquer with black color traces.

Ron, one more for your book!


Interesting that the actual round is “yellow tip over red ring” while the pictures are both "red tip over yellow ring."