50 Tround

Two 50 caliber Tround dummies.
Which one is the scarcest ?
value ?


Left one looks like the factory handout dummy. The right one, if it has a fired brass percussion primer, is most likely one of the “dummies” that were actually fired cases that someone glued a ball projectile into.

Look inside the case mouth. You can usually see the glue smeared on the inside wall, if my suspicion of the the one on the right is correct. If so, the one on the right was being sold for something like $5. The other is easily worth 10x that, if not more. Dr. Schmidt (CSAEOD) has auctioned many of the Tround variants off and could probably speak better as to what they went for at auction.

Keith Pagel
FCSA / VHP Magazine

John Morris of Springfield Arsenal,Virginia bought hundreds of the black ones in fired condition and reassembled them with a bullet. He has sold them at gun shows for years at a few dollars. They are not worth more. I have never bought nor sold any of these. I have sold several original variations of the black ones in various loads and packed for vacuum testing. There are some on Auctionarms now. The clear/black one is rarer than fired black ones by far but is more common than original loaded black ones.

I have sold the 2 tone in the $100 range . Original black loads have sold as high as $350 at auction in vacuum test packaging.

Not a good enough look at your black one to say what it is.

Thank you very much to uou both