.50 us

.50 US

What is the meaning of the pink tip on this cartridge


I believe you will find the pink is really faded red or orange.
That would make it a tracer.


in 1943, St Louis also produced a 30-06 tracer with pink tip.
In Chris Punnett’s excellent book on this topic you can see a sliced version of this cartridge
which shows that the inside of the jacket is slightly different.
I don’t know if the .50 pink tip version is rare. If not, maybe you can have it
sliced so we can compare the two bullets and see if that was the “real” reason for the pink tip.


On the site big-ordonance, it is identified Armor Piercing molybdenum !
Finally, my scales says it is a M1 tracer : same weight as the red tipped M1.

Thanks for your replies

fairly common here in the US. M1 Tracer with poor quality “red” tip color code.

It’s definitely NOT the special AP. The exaxmples found with this color are always SL and the other would be FA. WW2 quality control was very loose as the pressure was on to produce as much ammo as possible. you’ll find red tip m1 tracer in shades running from pink to red to brown.