.50 Vickers headstamp list

Has anyone ever compiled a list of all known .50 Vickers (12.7 x 81 / 81SR) headstamps?

As far a I know, the UK and Canada manufactured the rimless Version.

The Semi-rimmed version was made by the UK, Italy and Japan. I understand that the Japanese cases were not headstamped, and some had only a single Japanese character inspection mark. However I may be wrong there.

If no list exists, this could be a good opportunity to start one.

Add Hungary.

i have never seen a complete list of headstamps, if there is one being made id like to help as far as i can, i own just 3(well 2 british and one italian) .5 vickers but all bits would help i guess

Some shown here: http://quarryhs.co.uk/Vickers.html

I made a list of 18 variations from my collection and using Conjay lists but have misplaced it at this moment. So at least 18 variations exist when someone does a list of rimless Vickers. Ron.

I just realised this link was for SR Vickers so it is not the same.

The semi-rimmed version was also made in Spain.

I should clarify that the “.50 Vickers” is a misnomer, since the correct name was always “.5”. Only the early prototype of the gun was marked “.50 Rimless”.

I’m preparing a list of the rimless version and up to now I’m counting more than 60 different headstamps, and I think there are several more. I’ll post it when finished.



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I can help with these one:

I have K.41 F.I.Z
K.44 F.G.II.Z

and the Italian is S M I 940

The only one I have is a V580 AP. HS: R^L 40 WI which someone vandalised at some point and turned it into a letter opener :(

While I have only a few, Peter Labbett’s wonderful book, British Small Arms Ammunition 1864-1938, lists 32 different headstamps for the “.5 inch Vickers Machine Gun Ammunition 1920-1938” in chapter 9.

From Vic Engels auction, 2018


Here is the list of .5 Vickers rimless headstamps. I tried to reproduce the presence and position of the dots the best I could, but in some cases they are very hard to see, so there may be some mistakes.

RᗑL 22 469
RᗑL 23 469.A.
RᗑL 23 1114
RᗑL 24 14A
RᗑL 24 1238B
RᗑL 1928 II Z
RᗑL 1928 II Z G
RᗑL 1929 G
RᗑL . 29 Q I
RᗑL 32 IIZ
RᗑL 32 GIZ
RᗑL 33 II Z
RᗑL 33 * WIZ *
RᗑL 34 IIZ
RᗑL 34 WIZ (cancelled “Z”)
RᗑL 35 IIZ
RᗑL 35 * WIZ (cancelled “Z”)
RᗑL 36 F I Z
RᗑL 36 QI
RᗑL 36 WIZ
RᗑL 37 F I Z
RᗑL 37 Q I
RᗑL 38 W I
RᗑL 39 II
RᗑL 39 Q I
RᗑL 39 UI
RᗑL 39 W I
RᗑL 40 F I Z
RᗑL 40 W I
RᗑL 1942 F I Z

23 (experimental)

No headstamp (Kynoch)

.G. 1928 .II. Z.
.GB. 29 ·II·Z
GB 1932 II
GB 1935 II Z
GB 36 II Z
GB 37 II Z

K.34 II
K.34 IIG
K.34 IIZ
K.34 IIZ (overstamped “G”)
K.35. F.I. Z
K 35 WI
K.36 F1.Z.
K 37 II
K.38 12·7 m/m L.T.
K.39 II.Z
K.39 F.I.Z
K.40 F.I.Z
K.40 F.G.I.Z
K.41 F.G.I.Z
K 41 FIZ
K.41 F.I.Z
K.42 B.I.Z
K 42 FIZ
K.43 B.I.Z
K 44 F.G.II.Z
K 44 W.I.Z
K 45 F.G.2.Z
K * DI.

K4 1942 FGIZ
K4 43 FGIZ

C-P 43 BIZ
C-P 43 FIZ

H.N. 43 BIZ
HN 43 BIZ (small letters)
HN 43 BIZ (big letters)

43 T.R.
43 TR
44 TR
No headstamp (TR)

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Great list! Thanks for your efforts putting it together and for posting it.
From my small collection, I can add only R(arrow)L 39 Q1

Are you going to do a list of the Semi-Rimmed .5 Vickers?

Thanks again,

Hi Taber, you are welcome and thanks for the update! I’m sure there are several date/loading combinations not on that list.

I’ll work on a .5 Vickers semi-rimmed headstamps list.



Thanks for the replies. I never knew the semi-rimmed type was made in Spain.

I can add the following:

K 35 WI
K 41 FIZ (No dots)

K4 43 FGIZ

As these are all fired cases, I am unfortunately not able to provide any information about the projectiles.

List updated. Also found RᗑL 36 WIZ and RᗑL 39 II.

Also K4 1942 FGIZ.

And for the SR case we shall add Spain too.

Maybe of interest.The Hungarian 12,7x81 SR.


In my collection

5%20II 5%20IIG 5%20IIZ 5%20FGIIZ