.50 Vickers headstamp list

Really nice selection, thank you for showing!😉

Thanks for the replies.

Is that the only known Hungarian headstamp?

Can anyone post a photo of the Spanish headstamp?

I have no pictures of the Spanish headstamps, only drawings.

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Also not to forget Canadian ones with “TR” headstamp. (if not mentioned already)
And also Argentinian nickel (?) plated dummies made of British cases.

No contribution to the headstamps but here an image from the Finnish state archive from WW2.

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Are any examples of the Spanish headstamp known in collections?

An exemples is shown in the ECDV (ecra Cartridge data viewer) with the headstamp PS 1946
and below a picture (courtesy of vickers59)

and another one (courtesy of Jose Juan)

And here is a list of .5 Vickers semi-rimmed headstamps. I didn’t checked too many sources, so there is probably a lot to add. Japanese headstamps are not included.

K 23 ·5 B
K 23 ·5 G
K 23 ·5 W
K 27 ·5.
K 27 ·5. B
K 27 ·5. G
K 27 ·5. W
K 31 ·5
K 32 ·5 G
K 34 ·5
K 34 ·5 V.565
K 38 G ·5 V.565 G
K 38 T ·5 V.565 AP

BPD 33
BPD S 38
BPD S 39
BPD S 40
BPD S 41
BPD S ☆ 41
BPD S 42
BPD S 43
B.P.D. 52

C.T. 940

SMI 936
SMI L 936
SMI P 936
SMI L 937
SMI 938
SMI L 938
SMI S 938 ☆
SMI 939
SMI S 940
SMI 941
SMI 941 ☆
SMI S 941
SMI 942
SMI S 942
SMI 943

No headstamp (Italy)

P S 1946
PS 48 12,7

ÁH ✱ 40 ✱
ÁH ✱ 42 ✱

B ✱ 37 ✱


Fede, great list, thank you for sharing.

Thanks for the photos laurent. Did Spain acquire ex Italian guns after WW2?

Thanks for the list Fede.

Are there any Japanese headstamps other than small inspection marks? The only Japanese example I have has a single small Japanese character.

To illustrate the list provided by Fede, I can show next cartridges:


Laurent, thank you for sharing! Are both ball loads?

I Believe the spanish is a ball load, it is non magnetic. (total weight: 86,52 grams)
The hungarian’s one could be an armor piercing, the bullet is magnetic (total weight: 79,92 grams)

About the cartridges shown above, the Hungarian one is described as possibly made by Italy ( Bolonia) for hungary, as the headstamp really looks like an Hungarian’s one made by : Állami Hadianyaggyár, de Csepel (Budapest).

I Wonder if it could be an Hungarian’s made and if something new had turned out about the identification of the “B”.

Thanks for putting these lists together Fede
A semi-rimmed edition.
A rimless edition.

Pete, thank you very much for the additions! I updated both lists.