.50 wtf

.50 WTF [What the f*%#] round next to a 5.56 [right side]

I seem to recall something about a round called .50 American Eagle which was a .50BMG projectile in a .50 Action Express case(.50 Action Express is a chambering for the IWI Desert Eagle) There is a small discussion on it here

WOW, I purchased the cartridge some years ago. It was sold as a gimmic and listed as a .50WTF [what the F@#K]


Ah ah ah ah,“what the f…”.Fantastic.I will use this name for my unknown cartridges.Actually I have several 7 mm WTF



I just got one thats going to be called .30 WTF. I vote it becomes an offical designation

I agree,that’s too cool :)

I 2nd the vote!!