500/416 maker

Can anyone please let me know who FLB is?
It has a (plain) flat nickel primer, a drawn brass case, and a GM-jacketed soft nose bullet.
guess I should have dusted it first. an $89 Nikon COOLPIX camera.

LFB - Labor Für Ballistik / Klaus W. Herrlinger, German Precision Ammunition & Rifle Group.
73337 Bad Überkingen, Aufhauser Str. 25.

That link didn’t work for me, but here is their homepage: http://www.labor-fuer-ballistik.de/de/html/labor_fur_ballistik.html

Great, thank you both

Pete, the COOLPIX camera is a great camera, although “simple”. I broke mine so I bought a new one but, even with improved pixels I am not able to take great pictures like I did with my beloved coolpix.

I took a lot of pictures with my COOLPIX that were used for my articles published by Armie Tiro magazine and they look very “professional”.

My girlfriend still has a COOLPIX and I think I’use use her camera to take pictures for my next articles

just bought this one a month ago, it’s the L30 model & I think with the card (which holds 700 plus [8.9meg, 8x10 size], 300 dpi photos) it was under $100.00.

I’ve been using Nikon for years as a professional photographer & although as you say it’s simple & has limits, think it’s great value for the money.