.500/.450 Westley Richards #1 Carbine

This cartridge is new to my collection, and I am trying to catalog it accurately. Who was the manufacturer?

Not my area of expertise on this one, but I’d encourage you to get the tape and tape residue off of the cartridge before it causes an unremovable stain. WD-40 works well on the gum that’s left after you’ve taken the tape off.

Excellent point. I have just received the cartridges I am posting here. Once they are cataloged, the “wrapping” comes off immediately. We are seldom the FIRST to own many of the cartridges in our collections, but conservation is the FIRST priority!

Westley Richards was the maker.

At first blush it sounded like a silly question for me to ask, sort of like asking, “Who makes Volkswagens?” But there are a lot of “maybes” in cartridge collecting, so I wasn’t sure. Thank you.