.500 Auto Max now available

.500 Auto Max now available
Below picture on right side: left .500 Auto Max (Rimless) vs. right .500 S&W (Rimmed)

Who said bigger isn’t better ? In 2017, Big Horn Armory, (with the idea to make a bigger and better AR platform, with a cartridge that will stop anything on the planet) developed the new AR-500 model semi -automatic rifle that used the new .500 Auto Max. cartridge.
The .500 Auto Max., which is basically a rimless venison of 500 Smith & Wesson Magnum, which makes this “the most powerful short range semi-auto in the world” according to Big Horn Armory
For more information link here: http://www.ammo-one.com/500AutoMax.html

Dave, who loaded these cartridges?

They were custom loaded for me by a small FFL licensed ammunition loader, who is my private trade secret.