500 Jeffery bunter error?

2 empty new cases made by Bertram for handloaders


I’m not certain that it’s an “error”. Jeffery was often misspelled as Jeffries, and in some places became the common usage. It may be that Bertram intentionally made both headstamps. Notice that most everything about it is different, not just the spelling. Maybe they got tired of customers telling them that they sent the wrong cases?


The gunsmith in question was Jeffrey thats for sure but the British gun trade has a habit of referring to itself in the plural. “This gun was made by Hollands” or “Purdeys have brought out a new o/u”.

Actually there is another gunsmith called Jeffries but I don’t think he had any involvement in the big game rifle business.

All I know is that the case on the left was part of an older lot.More recent lots have the “Jeffery” hds

Pivi is right, the Bertram 500 JEFFERIES was produced in Jul 1994, the 500 JEFFERY was produced at least 10 years later in the mid 2000’s.

Pivi, sorry had a finger on the wrong key. Have you inquired of Bertram about this question?


the “jeffery” lot must have been made before 2004.
The writer who used these cases for his work about the 500 Jeffery ( and sent me some of the leftover empty cases) wrote his article in 1999

no,I haven’t asked any info yet

Thanks for that info Pivi. I produced a 20 page (draft) article on BB cases in 2001 with much info coming directly from the Aussie person that marketed the BB cases to collectors. At that stage the “500 JEFFERY” hs example had not been provided to me for inclusion and so I assumed that it was produced later.

Always good to get better info. Cheers