.500 Jeffery by Bertram with mispelled name

On the left a case from an old lot with “JEFFRIES” instead of “JEFFERY”, as can be seen on the case on the right, from more recent production. Don’t know if the cases with wrong names were mass produced, I hope not…so they could be collectible

Hi Pivi
Believe they were mass produced. Another variation by Bertram on the right & two left by Kynamco, Limited with the “rey” misspelling.
So he’s not the only one.


It’s easy to see how things like that get started. If you look at some of the very old advertising for British big game cartridges, you’ll find references such as, “For Jeffery’s Rifle”, or “Jeffery’s .475 High Velocity”. It’s only a short jump from Jeffery’s to Jeffries.

You will also see many old ads referring to “Colt’s Patent Cartridges”, or “For Colt’s Revolver”. Some people, even today, think it’s a Colts Revolver.

Here’s hoping that Bertram made only a handful of those cases and that you have one of the few remaining.