500 revolver?

I have a cartridge that appears in Logan’s “Cartridges” as 500 revolver.
it measures rim .568 "
base .518 "
case length .753 "
OAL 1.260 "
bullet diameter just above case mouth .515 "
The headstamp is . ELEY . LONDON with the eley at 12 o’clock.
My question is about the cartridge name. The book just says “not much is known about this cartridge” . Is the name 500 Revolver correct or is this round known by another name? I am catching up on catalogueing and don’t want to enter something under the wrong name. It would annoy me forever lol

I think it should be .50 rev but anyone with an old Eley catalogue should be able to check it for you.

It sounds like you’re describing the .500 Tranter also called .500 Revolver or .500 Tranter Revolver.

Kimzter-Wither you call it a .500 Revolver or a .500 Tranter is up to you. Personally I prefer .500 Tranter.

Here are two pages of information:

From “Manual of Pistol and Revolver Cartridges, Vol. II, Centerfire, American and British Calibers” by Erlmeier and Brandt

Here is a page from the Eley 1910-11 Catalog:

Thanks for those two pages. It will go in my book as 500 tranter (500 revolver). i hope you guys don’t mind these kind of questions, My reference material consists of cartridges of the world, Logan’s cartridges, and one volume of Datig’s Cartridges for Collectors. I googled the book on cartridge headstamps that i was referred to in another post and it costs from 125 to 250 dollars. My wife would not be impressed :)

Kimzter–Please ask ANY question you might have regarding cartridges. NO question is too simple to not receive an honest answer. We have all been there as beginning collectors at one time and none of us, no matter how many years we have been collecting, know all the answers. I have been collecting for 51 years and I learn something new on the Forum almost every day.

That price you mention for one of the general headstamp guides sounds high. Which book was it?

White, Henry and Munhall, Burton. 1977. Cartridge Headstamp Guide was the one i was referred to. I guess that leads to the question after Cartridges of the World which is the next most important (informative?) reference book to get? I got Logan’s Cartridge book kind of by accident and it has some good stuff but I wouldn’t have thought it was well spent money if I had to pay 50 dollars for it.

I think that Geroge Hoyem’s books are very good and so is the Brandt’s book about pistol/revolver cartridges

Other good book is Jean Huon’s work about military cartridges

I haven’t taken a look to them yet,but Brad Dixon’s books about european cartridges should be a must.There are many other books (often written by collectors that are IAA forum members) that should be very good…