500+ years of the 7.62x51mm


Just ran into an interesting bit of information. There is a book series and video game series called “HALO” that is very popular. It is science fiction set in the time frame of 2552 a.d. with hi-tech armor suits, space ships, etc… Interestingly enough though, the main battle rifle used by the humans fires the 7.62x51mm!!! There are AP and “shredder” (explosive) rounds, and the effective range has been improved to 1,500 meters. In one battle scene, they even used the empty cases as shrapnel in an imporvised explosive device. Sorry, apparently the caseless cartridge did not make it in the future…

So for you 7.62x51mm collectors out there, the future looks good!



I guess I’d better drastically increase my storage space for my 7.62x51 collection!