.505 Gibbs

My understanding is that these large calibre hunting rifles are pretty expensive and people who shoot these are accustomed to better things in life than an average Joe. So wouldn’t these people be expecting better quality headstamps also? Or the dot in front of .505 to be at the right place? Unless there is a purpose behind it…

The raised dot used to indicate a decimal (as opposed to a period) is a fairly common British typographical practice found in a lot of contexts, headstamps included. Jack

Hi Vlad
The dot in front of the 505 is very typical placement for British sporting ammunition, This was very likely made by Kynoch.This headstamp size is the smaller of the two period Gibbs 505’s with the other being VERY BIG, saying the same & probably earlier.

Most of these 505’s were made on Mauser actioned custom firearms which were made to fit you & put up in a nice leather covered fitted case, after all you were going to hunt dangerous game in Africa with it. Yes very expensive.
Most Gibbs ammunition boxes were quite plain, almost cheap & crude.

PS Jack, I’m sure the dot is impressed, just a trick of the light in the photo.

Pete: I see what you mean, but by “raised” I meant raised vertically above the foot of the lettering. In British typographic practice the decimal and the period (“full stop”) will frequently be different pieces of type metal to produce this effect. Jack

Hi Jack
Now the penny drops, thanks, learned something new!