.50AE with .50BMG Bullet: An effective round?

Just asking here, Would a .50 Action Express round with a .50BMG pointed bullet be an effective rifle round?

Its just that i thought this concept could be an “intermediate” variant of the .50BMG round and would be more suited towards assault/battle rifles or GPMG’s.

J.D. Jones of SSK Industries has done that. He called it the .50 American Eagle. I don’t know what platform he intended for it. You’d probably need a 7.62mm NATO length action to run it as a repeater. Then you’d need to either turn the case rim down, or open up the bolt face. You would not be able to use it in a standard .50 AE chambered weapon as their barrels run 0.500" while the .50 BMG uses 0.510" diameter bullets.

I’m pretty certain that J.D. only envisioned its use as a subsonic cartridge in suppressed weapons.