.50BMG alluminium over green tip headstamp FN-01 ID

Need to id the bullet in this cartridge. I’ve been said it is armour piercing incendiary tracer made by FN, but I failed to find any information about this and about the tip colour code. Besides, the headstamp is “F.NB” instead of the “FNB”

the bullet is the APHEI (mk211 "RAUFOSS)
some of these had this color code (silver/light green tip ,other had simply light green tip)

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Thanks ammogun! I suspected it could be that round, nevertheless I had never seen this combination of silver over the light green, only the light green over the silver. Furthermore the specimen was reported to have tracer capabilities besides being APHEI, so I guessed it could be another variant of the RAUFOSS .

the FNB tracer version had the tip light green/red

but it the first time that i see a dot between the F and the N

Sample of various MP/MP-T rounds


That’s the point. These two differences (the inverted color code, and the dot in the headstamp) intrigues me because I’ve never seen any of those peculiarity before.


for jestertoo

the ones with silver/yellow are not APHEI but HEI (they don’t had peetrator) but a larger HEI charge
and they are belgian

for vitorteixeira

i see few french rounds with inverted color code

Thanks. I wasn’t aware of that. In fact this cartridge originality came from France, therefore that explains this color change

For what it’s worth, the MP round from Raufoss is designated NM140 in Norway. The MP-T variant is designated NM160, in US service Mk 300.


The Mk 300 is heavily based on the NM75 MP-T in 20x139mm.

for vitorteixeira

your round can be legitimate from belgian
as you can see the silver/yellow tip on jestertoo’s picture ,they are belgian and had the same color shema as your round

for tennsats
thank for the info

Didn’t Raufouss use a number of other countries’ cases to make their ammo?

IE I Have all of these listed as MFG Norway, even though the cases were made by other countries:

RA 91
50 FNB 87
50 FNB 89
50 FNB 91
50 FNB 91
50 FNB 93
9 583 3
TE 90
RA 91
50 FNB 93
TE 90


Here’s an equal headstamp … but without the dot. (photo taken from municion.org)

for jestertoo

all “raufoss” projectiles are made in norway
many country purchase the projectiles and load them on there cases

i remember usa try to make the projectiles but they don’t satisfate with the results

your silver/yellow projectiles are loaded on belgian or sweden cases ?