.50BMG brass marking question

I recently got a .50BMG for collection, and I wonder whats the meaning of the markings under the brass, please help me if you know about it, thanks.
Btw, it’s a boxer type primer.

Per Ron Fuchs’ 50 BMG listing: , China (Norinco) import for Defense Technologies, U.S.

I see the picture, but it didn’t say anything about it, but its good to know that mine is not fake ( Im not in the US, which someone may have a good reason to fake it)^^ Still thanks.

Chinese spam can of .50 BMG, headstamp " 12.7 ST 92 ", no external markings on the spam can-


Before things may get misspercepted. The “ST” headstamp is obviously not the identifyer for “Defense Technologies” or a headstamp made particularily for them.

Ok, so now I know where it come from, but I noticed that a different which the doc is 92 but mine are 93. So is this the production date or maybe something else? Btw, thanks for helping me finding those information(kinda new to this forum)

Could you show us an image of your “93” headstamp?

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HHSY, thanks a lot, awesome headstamp. I never knew of a 1993 (the year it was made)!

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So is it rare?

In Germany it is - like any Chinese .50.

Can’t speak for the US.

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I see…
Thanks for help