.50bmg experimental mp

Multipurpose MPEX211MOD 0 . Dark blue-green tip.

Does anyone have details on this load?

I think it is a mk 211 mod 0 multipurpose cartridge
if it is a MK 211 mod 0 use in the us army it is a variant of the raufoss NM 140.
the weight of the cartrisge is 1770 gr
the weight of the projectile is 671 gr
the velocity is 2950 fps
the power of perforation is 16 mm of steel with 15

I have a similar cartridge, inert (no primer), headstamped .50 FNB 86 but the tip colors are inverted


There is only 1 tip color on this- dark blue-green. It also seems to be clear coated which looks like another color. It is not.

My specimen resembles this one. My notes on it were that it was one of the early WCC attempts to mfgr the NM140 Raufoss PIE design at E Alton. They were the US licensee. The attempt was unsuccessful and subsequent loads from WCC were Raufoss projos shipped in from Norway and loaded at E Alton.

images added (with accurate colors)