.50BMG Headstempless cartridges and 1 7,62x39

I have some .50BM Blanks ans short range cartridges here with no (only 1 habe “1976” - is it “Südsteirische Metallindustrie” ).

Hope you can help.

Howdy Manual
What kind of help do you need?
For what it is worth I think all of those you show are blanks & no short range are included.
A short range can usually be identified by a solid bullet and a thin area, or seam, usually found thinned inside the neck at the bullet base to allow easy(er) separation of the bullet / case when fired.
As to origin I think perhaps most are from Germany, but the AK ‘duck-bill’ blank might be Finnish?

It can be an translation mistake from me with the “Short Range”.
But I wanna know who are the manufacturers of this cartridges.

Ok I had found an picture for the 7,62x39 duckbill blank:

Manufacturer mus be SAKO.

A Bakelittfabrikken a/s catalog sheet I have, from Aurskog (factory) in Norway, with offices in Oslo, Norway, shows two types of blanks called simply “12.7 mm (.50) BF-Type Long Blank Cartridge,” one of which has the truncated-bullet form shown on this thread. They also make a round “12.7 mm (.50) BF-Type Short blank cartridge” which looks pretty much like the pictured here. I say “pretty much” because the pictures in the catalog are detailed drawings, but show the cartridge in perfect form, with a more pronounced case mouth and with the “base bulge” that the round in the photo on this formum displays.

Both types are red plastic "bullet’ and “case body” with an aluminum base. They are Boxer primed, but the base is not shown

Calibers offered in blanks are 9 mm Parabellum, 5.56mm, 7.62 mm (7.62 x 51), 12.7 mm and 40 mm. One picture in the set of drawings shows the 12.7 (.50) as having a brass base, but in another, the bases are aluminum. The 9 mm has a brass base as well. Some older info I have shows blanks available in 25 mm and 30 mm, but they are not shown in the later catalog I have. Unfortunately, the catalog is not dated, but I got it long after I pulled the firest information off of the computer in January 2002.

they have made other calibers in red blanks as well - I believe that red blanks known in 7.9 x 57 mm Mauser, 7.62 mm Tokarev, 9 mm Largo, .30 Carbine and .30-06, at least, were made by BF a/s. The company was founded in 1946, but I have no printed information on them before the afore-mentioned 2002 website material. They claim in their material to having been the first company to produce plastic blanks and plastic short-range ammunition for military training. I cannot dispute that claim from my own knowledge.

Hi, thanks for it. Can you give me ( us ) a scan ( mail or post here the links) ?

Manuel - not sure quite what it is you want. I will scan the two Sheets from Bakellitefabrikken on the long and short .50 blanks. There were no links. They are in my own library. I will send them direct to you via email, if there is an email tab for you on the Forum (I can’t see that information while I am typing this). I don’t see any point in posting them on the Forum, as they don’t look any different than your specimens, and don’t contain any technical information.
If you want to post them on the Forum, you may though. I never could get the hang of posting pictures, and not much interested at this stage to learn how. I have a good friend that does posting for me when I think it is really needed, or would be nice, on a Forum thread.

Regarding the 7.62x39 blanks, there are basically three different constructions used in Finland: Bakelittfabrikken, SAKO and Plamil. The major difference between them is the way the metal head and the plastic body are locked together. The ones by Bakelittfabrikken have heads with three locking belts decreasing in diameter; SAKO uses a head with one locking belt (clearly visible through the translucent plastic) and Plamil use one locking belt but located in the plastic body (case head is higher on these).