.50BMG like cartridge with a 13,5mm Bullet

Hi, I bought a cartridge which I need to identify.
The case dimensions are like a .50 BMG but the bullet is larger (13,5mm).
Headstemp: “EAGLE” on top “67” left “39” right and at the button “N”.
The bullet has a dark blue tip.

I hope you can help me to identify it.

Sounds like a 13.2 x 99mm Hotchkiss from Poland.

39 = 1939

N = Norblin, the brass supplier.


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Thank you. Most of the pictures from this cartridge are from this forum and uploaded on Photobucket were I can’t see the pictures :-(
Can you tell me more about the bullet (colors of the tip)?


I don’t have the color codes for Polish 13.2mm Hotchkiss.


Thanks to “PJB” for posting this link in another Forum thread-

Google translation from Russian to English:

With an armor-piercing tracer bullet 13.2 mm naboj panzerny świetlny (PS) / Nabój z pociskiem przeciwpancernym-smugowym

  • tompak
  • blue nail polish and blue top"

Ok, thank you. You help me a lot!