.50BMG Short Range Tracer bullet

I bought a cartridge with a short range tracer bullet.
The cartrdige case I think is not original.

But more interesting is the bullet. I’m not realy sure if it could be a RUAG bullet.

Here a some pictures:

Any suggestions?

To me it looks like a DAG projectile which got stuffed into a US case.

Is it maybe an experimental bullet?

Hi Manuel, this is a standard Kurzbahn L’spur (Short Range Tracer) projectile made by DAG. It was designed for machine gun training up to 600 m and linked mixed with the white tip short range round in a 4:1 ratio. Regards, Fede.

Manuel, why do you think it is experimental?
Did you compare it to the regular ones they were /are making for years?
You may check here on the forum and in respective catalogs.

To me it looks like the regular type.
Here images from their catalogs:

And here the version (to me the same) as the Dutch Army was/is using them:

I just noticed there is “versions” with a tube inside the tracer compound (likely for stabilization and not to crush the tracer) and one without where the hole in the tracer is of conical shape to likely prevent it from being crushed by the gas pressure. As this is also producing a larger burning surface and the tracer might be burning brighter and have a shorter burning time.
Fede’s drawing should be from a patent and might not be 100% valid and my DAG drawing on top is unclear or altered on purpose as that tube could be a “production secret”.

Manuel, has your projectile that tube inside the tracer compound? As per your image it may not but it is kinda hard to see now.

Ok, it yould be an older Version of the bullet?
The reason why I ask is the different tip.-the color is orange and not red.

In my collection are also this versions, and this one is the latest, cause you can see it at the RUAG website:
Produced for Netherlands:

And this is like the version auf the netherlands:

This is a experimental version from Ruag. I bought it during a collectors meeting in of our german catridge collectors from a netherlands collector and he said it:

And than I have this Italian licence production ,- the tip is more similar to the orange one:

Thank you for your images with this catridge, specifically in your post from 10:27 pm with a picture. How old is it? Or is it an older catalogue?

The one with the black plastic tip, has nothing to do with a shortrange Project.
Ist was a Project from Rainer Völker from Germany who lived in Bulgaria and was trying to get a bullet with AP-Capabilities, wherever the “core” in this case pictured here was from brass (and free on sale), whereas the other Version could have a steel or hardmetal Penetrator inserted insted the brass plug, and then you had an AP bullet…hence the black plastic nose insert…
He sold only bullets on some german gunshows…I never saw a loaded round from a factory…only this bullets very well made in Bulgaria…
He died 2 years ago in Bulgaria and there is no more info on this bullets available…
I got a few bullets in both Version (with brass rod and with steel rod) from him I think 8 to 10 years ago from him personally…


FWIW - In the 2013 RUAG ammunition catalog (English language version) the short range .50 bullet type designation is SPT = Solid Plastic Tip.

Interesting discussion, thanks for the all the pictures.


Ok, thank you for your informations.