.50cal BMG "FA 41"unknown draw stage

The headstamp is “FA 41”. The well has no flash holes. The headstamp has a fine raised rim, like after being hit with a bunter. To the right is a fired “Cal 50 FA 32” for comparison. Which draw stage is it?

Well now Vlad, that would depend on the number of draws used to make a complete case. Could be the 4th draw, or the 5th, or the 6th. Or, who knows?

I guess I mean what this stage is in a descriptive way, for example, this is the stage right before the ejection groove is formed or this is the stage before flash holes are punched. I was not asking for a number of the stage.

Vlad - I believe people would say that the case has been “headed”. That is, struck with the bunter, impressing the headstamp and forming the rough primer pocket.


Stages in the formation of a . 50" Browning cartridge case and bullet jacket (Courtesy: Eurometaal)

Thanks, it’s the 4th from the bottom right, even though mine has a straight untapped well, no dimple. Love the feel of this unfinished rim.

If the one in the photo is Berdan primed, it would have the anvil swadged into the pocket. Is that what you meant by “dimple”?

Correct, “dimple” is Russian for “anvil” (insert smiley face here). The photo with draw stages has anvils (aka dimples) (another smiley here).

So, Kirk Douglas had an anvil in his chin? ;) ;)