.50cal Electrically Initiated EOD device

It was given to me at SLICS. May someone explain to me its usage? How is it called?

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As it was explained to me, these are wired to a detonator(blasting machine, whatever you want to call it, even a battery),after placing in/near/on an explosive needing to be destroyed. Then triggered, initiating the main charge in whatever needed blowing up.

Here’s my, more recently manufactured sample. Like nearly 50 years newer. Odd they’re nearly exactly the same.


The american designation of this round is either “Cartridge, .50 Cal., Blank (Electrically Initiated)” or "Cartridge, Powder Actuated Tool, Caliber .50 Electrically Initiated"
or “Cartridge, Impulse, Mark 209 Mod 0” depending on box, date or manufacturer.

Made in the U.S.A. by:

  • U.S. Navy Depot, Crane, Indiana;
  • Caelus Devices, Inc., Holister, California;
  • Pyrotechnic Specialties from Byron Georgia;
  • Probably others.

The one in the picture looks like the ones made by Crane in the late 70’s.

It was used for defeating fuses by screwing (2 rounds used with a “rocket wrench”) or knocking off (used with dearmer firing a slug).

At least France, Spain and Denmark made this round with different designations and configurations.

Here you can see such a rocket wrench as is used for EOD operations when fuzes have to be unscrewed. The two outer cylinders do contain the cartridges.

global-security-solutions.co … Wrench.htm

Thehre exists also a version in 20x102 and other countries use other cartridges as well. The cal. .50 based ones are mady by many manufacturers/countries today.

Wow. Even better! An explosive cheater bar. Coulda used one of those a couple of times.

I saw an MoD surplus rocket wrench for sale in the UK for

This cartridge was/is also used with a “Water Cannon” to disrupt explosive devices such as brief cases, luggage, etc.

Yes, that is the so called “disruptor gun”. The cartridge is propelling various loads as they are choosen by the operator. That might be water, saw dust, shot, wooden projectiles (or any other material considered appropriate by the operator) or as in EOD operations on fuzed ordnance it is a steel cylinder or “chisel” which will be shot usually in a 90 drgree angle and shear off a fuze.

There are various propelling cartridges depending on the manufacturer country or Army. There are the following ones I have seen so far:
12 GA
cal 50
cal 4
Some of them were shortened, some had a special projectile on, some had electrical primers for better handling and some had wires in the primer pocket like the .50 shown above and some were combinations of all versions mentioned here.

Here some images:

Here the most common and simple one:


Here the same but a disposable variation, the first I’ve seen:

And here of course manyfold other variations:

global-security-solutions.co … ruptor.htm


Scroll down here:
firstdefense.com/html/bomb_d … nt_EOD.htm

A nice display.