.50cal "RA 1941 50 cal Z" dummy

It looks like a dummy, but why (and what) something is blocking the central hole of the primer pocket?

Vlad - The flash-hole was never punched. The indentation is typical of inert charge rounds where every step of the heading process is completed except for the flash-hole. Keeps the inert filler from leaking out. Seen on many dummy rounds also.


This is one of the British contract rounds from Remington which included ball, tracer, AP and dummy.

See my article in the IAA Journal recently.


The British RAF ordered the .50cal ammo from Remington to go with the Very early Model B17s they also bought outright ( pre-Lend Lease) in 1940-41.

.50 and .300 (.30 AN-M2) ammo was supplied ion large quantities by Remington. for US made Aircraft with US calibre guns.

Doc AV