50mm Article

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50mm?, the title has 30mm.


Thanks for the correction. Fixed it. I was in a hurry and had 30mm on the brain…


Wow, although not usually my “thing”, that is cool!

This was great! Thank you for posting!


Some minor remarks.

  • The 30x173 is an Oerlikon development.

  • The 50mm types are all basing on 35x228 cases (basically not necked down draw stages).

  • Last but not least the 50mm in all of it’s case lengths is a Rheinmetall development 30+ years old (for the back then bi-caliber linkless RH305 gun of which I currently do not know how much of it may be in the Bushmaster). So saying there was no news in the auto cannon ammo for 30-40 years is correct. Just that there is still no news.

BadgerJack - You are most welcome! Jay

EOD - the focus was from a USG perspective for your points 1 and 3. In conversations with AMRON, they dont make 35x228, so it was a whole new adventure for them. Jay

APFSDS - Welcome!

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Congrats on being published in SADJ (Small Arms Defense Journal)
I contribute book reviews to the sister publication SAR (Small Arms Review)
And a couple of ammo articles, also!


AMRON has a weak memory it seems as they well made these.

Company photo:

Cool, and thanks, from one who has, and admires, the .458 SOCOM capabilities!