.510 Beecher Express

I received the following email asking for information. I have never heard of this round. Can anyone provide information and a picture?

Sir: I have cartridge that I cannot identify (510 “Beecher” Express)).Bullet weight appears to be 600–700 grns. It is not a belted nor a rimmed case! The case length is 3.25, overall loaded length is 4". Have you any info about this cartridge? Thank You

It was produced by Bertrams in Australia, before 2004, for John Beecher.

Armourer–Thanks for the picture and information. Does anyone know who John Beecher is. He may be from Northern Canada.

The info I have is that this was based on the 505 Gibbs and was produced in 2000 for ‘Len’ Beecher of Haynes Junction, Canada. I also note that c2002 Bertram also produced 458 Lott with a Beecher hs for “John Beecher”.

I do have a lot of info about Bertram Bullets production (about 20pages) which came close to the source but maybe in this case “Len” should be “John”.