540 Headstamp?


I just got a Soviet-looking 7.62x54R round with a raised 540 43 headstamp. It appears to be correct, not another damaged number. Anyone have info on Factory 540?
I was unable to get a clear pic, but I will try again later.


For 540 I do have only one entry: IRKUTSK…but no more info,but EOD has more, I think :-)


Here’s its “twin” from the same source



This was a clean war time factory which operated from 1943-1945 (in Irkutsk as Peter said). There is no separate name recorded other than “factory #540”. I guess the war did not allow for sentimental naming procedures.
After that the plant was dissolved and machinery transferred o #544.


Thanks all for the info.
Dave, thanks for relieving me of the skilled work!


If you are interested in this topic, though in Russian:


Alex, factory No. 540 was established on June 6, 1941, as well as factories with numbers 535 to 545. It used to be a garment factory.

Also, there was an “Irkutsk Cartridge Works” during the Tsarist era, but I don’t know much about their production. Do you have any info about it?




There was no cartridge factory No. 535.
There were factories “mobilized” №№ 529,540,543,544,545 All of them were closed by 1946, in any case the cartridges issued by these factories later than 1946 are not known.


I just checked and it was indeed established on June 6, 1941 as a cartridge factory located in Vologda. I’m not saying that I know a cartridge with this headstamp, though.


Fede, #540 headstamps are known from 1943-1945. This is why I said “operated”.
Even Tikhonov is not stating any exact year of foundation, he just says the receivend parts of the machinery from evacuated #60 (Lugansk).
May it be that somebody just implied that this must have been 1941?

For #535 Tikhonov is only listing the “Tulmash” factory in Tula.
They are also in the defense industry and make all sort of weapon systems.


Alex, the date I mentioned above is when factories 535 to 545 were established by means of a resolution. Lugansk (60) was evacuated on Agust 9, 1941.

This #535 cartridge factory established in Vologda used to be a linum factory. Later in 1941, it received machinery from factories manufacturing artillery ammunition, so it is likely that it was finally set up for this purpose and never made small arms ammunition at all.


Plant No. 545 in the town of Orenburg did exactly the cartridges of small arms, basically 7.62X54R caliber. There is no information about the production of larger ammunition at this plant.


500- factories that actually worked, and produced ammunition:
Plant № 529 the city of Novaya Lyalya, Sverdlovsk region.
Plant number 540 city of Irkutsk.
Plant number 543 city of Kazan.
Plant number 544 city of Glazov, Udmurtia.
Plant №545 the city of Orenburg.