55 boys ammo

I picked these up at the gun show last weekend. The only two tarnish marks are shown in the picture. Any ideas of that their worth?image|690x920

I paid $100 for a clip of 5 like those at SLICS without the tarnish marks, and then at the live auction there was a clip along with an extra rd that did not exceed $140 if I remember correctly. .55 Boys usually sell for $15 to $25 a piece, but a full clip is often more like $125 to $150 depending on a few things.

It really depends what load they are, MkI & MkII ball are a lot harder to find than MkI & MkII AP while MkI & MkII practice are getting fairly rare now, but you should find traces of dark blue ‘paint’ just above the belt on these.
The headstamps should tell you what you have.