55 Boys Ammunition/Magazine Box

Here’s a Canadian .55 Boys magazine holder

Sorry Ray, nothing 7.62 or Match about this box.

I am not sure how the cartridges are seated in this box. If they were stacked upwards, nothing would support them sideways. May you place a couple inside in the intended position? Never saw such a box too. Sorry, I got it, it is a magazine holder, not ammo holder, disregard my request please.


The box is for the Boys Rifle magazines, not individual cartridges, if I am interpreting Paul’s post correctly…


Yes, for magazines. But, it’s not for MATCH magazines, so who cares? ;-)

Nice box Paul. What is the hasp or clip looking thingy on the end?? A carrying handle??

It makes me wonder - we used to have a few collectors who specialized in the steel ammunition boxes and wooden crates but they don’t seem to be around anymore, at least not on the Forum. Are they still alive and collecting?


Felt that I had to post–after my display at SLICS and the handout I’ve provided, I am starting to gain some “cred” at ammo boxes! Of course, I was once told by JCRS on this forum that only Lisa Zumstein could be an “expert” at ammo boxes, and no one has heard from her in some time. Anyway, I had an example of this box with all of the Boys mags in it. The handle was slightly torn. I sold it at SLICS a few years back to Jon Roks for a very satisfying amount, since I picked it up at a flea market from a guy who had no idea what it was…

Anyway, Happy NewYear

You did very well to find that Taber. There was one single Boys magazine on ebay UK just before Christmas, which sold for over £100 ($164). The listing survived thanks to some clever wording to the effect that it was packaging and not a weapon part. The magazines are rare even in the UK.