55 Boys query

These 2 are some newly acquired items:
55%20BOYS%20DA%20DILP 55%20BOYS%20DA%20DILP%20FULL
First specimen is a one piece aluminium DRILL Mk. 1 by DA. What does the L.P stand for.

55%20BOYS%20K39%20PII 55%20BOYS%20K39%20PII%20FULL
Mk. 2 PRACTICE according to ECDV. Is that also the meaning of the purple with green band on the base? Bullet is CN non magnetic.


L.P. - Local Pattern, a design not approved by the Ordnance Board.
Both Mk I & II Boys Practice had a blue band immediately ahead of the belt.

See - https://sites.google.com/site/britmilammo/-55-inch-boys-2/-55-inch-boys

I too have the same colors showing on my K 41 dated PII & think it’s the narure of the paint / drying. Mine is not an even band the whole way around it., but part of it does look like yours Daan

I see two broad arrows on your dummy. Mine just has the small one in a “C”.

The broad arrow in the ‘circle’ is in fact within a C which is a Canadian ownership mark.

right you are Tony, I didn’t look close enough. I’ll correct the post.

I’ve not see the other much larger one on a Boys round before, for whatever that’s worth.

No I haven’t either…would be nice to find out what that one is about