55 Boys query

Greetings folks, I have just picked up a 55 Boys Drill/Dummy round I would like a little more info on please, the headstamp is K.40 W. 11 its chrome plated case and bullet , bullet secured with 3 neck indents, anvil and 2 fire holes in primer pocket, inside the case there is a ,non magnetic, metal object, which rattles when case is shaken, OK so I have a Kynoch mark 2 AP case converted to dummy, my quection is what “Mark” is it ,or is it an expediant or unit dummy, it sure looks factory, not in my books, “Labbett British Small Arms” and Huon, thanks Randy

I think that your round is an “unofficial” dummy, perhaps factory made or possibly made by a Home Guard unit. I do not believe it is a service expedient round for a couple of reasons. At that time chrome plating was unusual on British military drill rounds, usually they were tinned. (The Royal Navy sometimes used chrome.) Also, the bullet would not have been chromed, only the case.

There were expedient drill rounds made from AP cases but these usually had flutes or holes drill. Home Guard dummies have been discussed here before and the round on the left of the picture is an example with a cast lead bullet.

One other possibility is that it could be factory made for some reason, weight test, roll test etc, but beyond that I cannot help.