.55 Boys rifle magazine crate & rds


I have never seen such a complete group of Boys rifle magazines, ammo and a mag crate for sale like this one: gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewIt … =215691889 Apparently it is all worth over $600.00 (to the winning bidder).


I saw loads of those K39 WI rounds at SLICS last year. Apparently they are common in the US as interarms imported the ammunition along with the rifles.

It is a nice item, I have never seen that sort of box for the magazines. The buyer obviously thought it was worth it.


I had seen some of those accessories at the antitank.co.uk website before: http://www.antitank.co.uk/accessories-boys.htm but the items in the auction look to be in better condition.


Some of those magazines look a bit odd in that the cartridges are “dipped” down at the bullet end.



I noticede that also. You can see the gap between the cartridge cases and the lips of the magazine. Probably due to either slightly bent magazine lips or a weak spring. If these magazines have been loaded since WWII, I would vote for the latter.


I have one of these rifles and it is possible to load the magazines improperly, (because of the belt) and tip the cartridge stack. JH



Thanks. So, its kind of like loading a Bren magazine, and getting one .303 rim behind the other, I suppose. You can do that with the Enfield rifles too if you loading singlely and are not careful, or if you load a stripper clip in the wrong sequence and then use it.

I have to admit that rimless, unbelted cartridges have a lot going for them as military rifle and machine gun rounds. Belts and rims seem to beg problems in loading, and hence feeding properly, although I would still take an Enfield first if I had to fight with a BA rifle.

With the new-condition appearance of the Boys magazines in the picture, I would change my vote to Jim’s reason being why the bullets point down in some. I was unaware of it, having never loaded a Boys magazine, although I have handled one of the rifles.



although I would still take an Enfield first if I had to fight with a BA rifle.

thats interesting John because it wouldn’t be my first choice. Maybe a P14/17 which does have a very sweet action (beautiful in fact) but not an SMLE or a no4.
My choice would be a Mauser 98. even with the recoil. Having spent most of my life shooting various Enfield varients I am aware of the limitations placed upon it by the tapered rimmed ammunition and its ability to cause jams.


The choice of rifle above is interesting. I have watched teams from Germany, Belgium and Holland shooting at Bisley in Military rifle matches, not a K98 in sight. The Belgians and Germans were all shooting Lee Enfields! In a properly maintained rifle, with good quality ammunition, jams, hangfires and missfires should be very rare indeed.



I love Enfields, and despite the rimmed cartridge, having shot them all my life, I have never had a malfunction with one. I just make sure I load them correctly, whether by charger clip properly loaded itself, or if I load the magazine with “singles.” Reasons I would pick it - easy to clean, very fast action, perhaps even smoother and quicker than the Krag, and, yes folks the next is ammunition related, it holds ten rounds instead of five with the K-98k or 03 Springfield series (I own Many Mauser rifles and a couple of springfields, and have most of my life), it is plenty accurate enough for military combat, and the felt recoil, to me, is substantially lighter than any 8 mm or .30 Model of 1906 of reasonable weight for carrying. Of course, I would take any M1 Garand over any of them.