55boys DP headstamp please ID

Good morning friends, can somebody help me with ID of this cardidge? It’s 55boys with headstamp DP. Don’t know who did it and it’s very heavy and made of brass. What is the value of this cardidge. I have never seen it before 1541743748806363432987|690x511 1541743796782635724273
Thanks @ lot. K.

looks like a drill cartridge.
maybe: Drill / Practice

Back in the day DP used to mean DRILL PURPOSE in the UK but this is one I don’t know, my best guess is that it was a local ‘home guard’ manufacture.


In British nomenclature “DP” indicates that the thing is for “Drill Purpose”.


Thanks to all for answer. :-)

I’d only add that it’s Canadian.


Thanks and it’s drill/ practice cardidge or for calibration of chambers ?

DRILL, or Practice it’s not any sort of gauge

Thanks all for help.

Thanks for sharing, I had not seen before now.

I have one of these DP rounds as well. There is some residual white paint/powder in the primer area.

Howdy mrspeel or perhaps Emma?

There were not originally with the white paint / powder your seeing so it could have found it way there any number of ways over the years.