.56-56 Spencer

Grabbed this Civil War era piece. What is it? Cartridge length is 23mm, OAL is 42mm, mouth diametre about 14mm.
scan0132 2018_08120002

look like one of the early dished base? but maybe not.

Rimfire are an American cartridge for the most part so convert the MM into inches & it might be easier to ID. Measure the bullet, too.

A big key to Identifying rimfires is the bullet, shape, groves & dia…

size is close to a 56-56 Spencer.

Cartridge length is 0.906inch, OAL is 1.654inch, mouth diametre about 0.55inch. Bullet is 0.787inch above the mouth, 0.55 at the mouth.
Pete, I usually forgo Civil War, but the seller said he was in Nam, and had Agent Orange damage. He asked $3 per cartridge, so I felt obliged to give a donation. Maybe that Nam story wasn’t even there, but now I must figure out what I have.
I got that giant British smoke mortar box from him too, for the same reason.
The entire headstamp base is slightly concaved (dished?).

To identify unstamped Spencer rounds is indeed not to easy with a few exceptions PetedeCoux is right a lot
is done through bullet recognition but the other part is done the by the study of the spin marks of the
priming centrifuges another by the forming of the bottoms by the machinery.The one shown by you seems to
have a particular deep impression I have found that these belong to an early variety and were usually made by
CRITENDEN AND TIBBELS but not always I have a 56-46 with such a deep cave and i do not think TIBBELS
made that one.They are a challenge to collect that is for sure

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