56 mm SAE Alsetex igniter

I’m looking for pictures and information on the 9 mm Parabellum blank cartridges used as an igniter on the 56 mm SAE Alsetex Gunpiz and Bliniz cartridges. The only one I’ve seen is headstamped 9x19 MEN-99-1 and has a red annulus.
Is this a normal blank? Any help will be appreciated.

Here is the headstamp:

I have several of those Alsetex 56 mm ctgs with different hst.
Blinis, lot ZZ-SAE-00, probably a 9x19, no hst, unusually large primer
Blinis, 02-SAE-02, hst MEN 9x19
Blinis (or a billes in french), 02-SAE-02, hst 9x19 MEN 02 002.
All my other hst are the same as the one you have.
I don’t have any information about the cartridge used for those loadings. Maybe our German friends?

I assume they buy empty cases from Germany and load them as they need. I would wonder if they would get loaded cartridges from there directly as such systems often require a very sensitive fine tuning in their loads and may vary from lot to lot of the used components.
Just a thought.

Jean-François & Alex, thank for your comments and extra information. I also found a Bliniz load with a cartridge headstamped Geco 9 mm LUGER. Due the variety of headstamps I would guess these cartridges are probably made from standard 19 mm cases.

it’s nice to see the priming of these cartridges
even as i’m french i never seen these cartridges
for the 9mm case is a “normal” case or a blank case ?

56 mm SAE Alsetex igniter

What is this used for ???


Hi Glenn, this is a riot control cartridge loaded with 21 rubber balls of 18 mm diameter. It is used with the Cougar and Chouka launchers.

There is actually a wide range of different 56mm riot control projectiles, as well as different cartridge cases with different range bands. See: alsetex.fr/produit.php?nom=56mm&categorie=mo

Alsetex do a similar range in 40x46mm LV.

Thank you Fede and Tony.

I have learned something new today.

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