57 - 577 Snider question

I purchased this round as a 1.6in case Short Snider ,it has the common headstamp of ELEY .577. S. found on 2in cased Sniders , the Base is .742 same as 2in Snider , head .661 same as 2 in Snider and the neck is about the same at .595 the case length on my round is 1.61in , now these dimentions are almost the same as the Canadian 57 Snider ,apart from a slight distinct neck on the Canadian round ,my Short Snider round has a straight sided tapered case ,so my question is are they the same round ? was the Canadian round also called a Short Snider ? anyone have a box of either the British or Canadian round that will clear my problem up . thanks Randy

The DCCo 57 Snider was intended for Snider rifles and the box labels say so. The 2" Boxer .577" ctg had a 5/16" base wad and a 1/16" over powder wad. When balloon head cases like the DCCo 57 was made the case was shortened by 3/8" to compensate for the lack of wads but was intended for 2" chamber rifles. IIRC NAACo and UMC also made 1.6" cases.

The 57 Snider Black Powder load with a 1 9/16 inch case and 480 gr. Lead bullet was listed in the UMC catalogs
from at least 1882 and was also loaded by Remington-UMC until at least 1914. I do not have the 1915 or 1916 catalogs, but it is no longer listed in the 1917 catalog.